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We support Technology backed companies by drafting, reviewing, negotiating requisite agreements such as; Intellectual property and innovation assignment agreements.

Software Development Agreements, End-User Agreements, Product and Software Licensing (including co-branding, rebranding, white labeling, OEM and VAR relationships)

We provide our advisory services, help with obtaining requisite licenses and ensure compliance with relevant regulatory requirements.

Start Up Advisory

We advise startups throughout their lifecycle. At the early stage , we help with incorporation, drafting the requisite agreements, intellectual property rights protections and obtaining necessary licenses & permits.

We advise Start-ups on seeking investors ,packaging their business for potential investors, due dilligence during the investment process and negotiating the right terms.
We also provide support to start-ups and innovation hubs on incubation and acceleration programs.

Venture Capital

Venture capital investors and Start-Up Companies require legal advice and protection with the increasing number of early and growth-stage companies and their need for funding.
We represent Start-Ups, angel and venture capital investors in the full range of financing transactions, from small seed rounds to larger, later-stage investments.

Real Estate

We represent property owners,investors, financiers, purchasers, vendors and property development companies. We possess the requisite expertise in handling complex property deals ranging from acquisition, development, sale, leasing, joint venture and financing.

Intellectual Property

It is highly essential that every business ensures the protection of their brand,creations and inventions . We recognise the importance of protection of Intellectual Property Rights . We work with clients to ensure the protection of their brand, trade secrets,product information, works of authorship and inventions. We are well experienced in registering trademarks, patents, copyrights and trademarks secrets.

Banking & Finance

We are vastly experienced in handling all forms of security and financial documentation for various financial institutions including banks, mortgage institutions and micro-finance establishments . Our services include loan agreements, project financing, securities acquisition and sales, mortgages, bills of sale and debentures

Company Secretarial and Regulatory Compliance

We have extensive experience in Company Secretarial & Regulatory Compliance practice. Our Company secretarial services include;

  • Company Formation (pre-formation, incorporation and post-incorporation), handling and scheduling company meetings;
  • Preparing minutes and maintaining company’s minute Book ,preparing resolutions on behalf of the company
  • We are also dedicated to ensuring our clients meet compliance requirements of regulatory agencies and advising on best practice corporate governance for companies.

Corporate Commercial

Our corporate/ commercial group practice includes comprehensive business advisory services for clients in all aspects of corporate and commercial matters, including corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory compliance, board advisory, risk management, joint ventures, project finance and taxation

Outsourced Legal Services

We help law firms/Legal departments who are desirous of outsourcing their legal services to reduce their workload or for reasons of our expertise in the particular sector.

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